Misdemeanor Defense

DUI, Theft, Domestic Violence, Drugs and other misdemeanor Defense Services in Victorville, CA

No matter what your legal situation involves, Brian W. Watson can assist you with the legal representation you need. The Law Office of Brian W. Watson will be there to represent you from beginning to end and will work diligently to build a case that will provide you with the best outcome in your defense. Brian has years of experience and extensive knowledge that he can put to use to help you with your misdemeanor case.

The Law Office of Brian W. Watson has proven success with, and can assist in, the following misdemeanor charges:

• Driving under the influence
• DMV hearing
• Domestic violence
• Theft
• Battery/assault
• Drugs
• Drivers license suspension
• Criminal threats
• Vandalism
• All juvenile cases
• All other misdemeanors